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Alternator V-belt tension: a little helper for easy setting

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    Alternator V-belt tension: a little helper for easy setting

    That the setting of the correct tension of the V-belt for the alternator is not so easy seems to be a very old experience. Since years I have a copy of a page from a 1992 German Stag mag on my pinboard showing a device which was used on a VW car (pic1). I had already a really simple solution in mind how to adapt it to the Stag's alternator. All you need is a nut M10 and a bolt M10x45 or a bit longer.
    When I changed the alternator last week I made this little change and bingo it works perfectly.
    In the pictures you can see a green piece of plastic: the bolt was a little too short and I didn't want to damage the alu housing. But the force to turn the bolt is so low--no danger at all. After the tensioning is carried out the bolt can be taken out again o leave it in the nut with one drop of scew fastener.



    Easy and smart sollution. Thanks for sharing.

    Triumph stag, a way of living.