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    electronic ignition

    Good morning all,
    Yesterday I got rid of my Lumenition, as it proved to cause problems when moving slowly - e.g. when manouvering into or out of the garage.I had used the „Lumenition Optronic“ Typ: PMA50, with fitting kit: FK113 for a Lucas 35D8 distributor („anticlockwise“).
    I replaced it by a Pertronix Ignitor II (9LU-181A) with a Flamethrower II coil (inner resistance 0,6 Ohm) without a series resistor and with „Suppression“ carbon fibre HT leads.
    When driving I have the feeling that the engine follows the accelerator more qucikly and willingly. The engine seems to run cooler, too. The needle, even when on the "Autobahn", creeps up to the letter "E" in "TEMP" only. Ambient temperatures are not very high yet, however.
    Best regards,
    Dieter - from Germany.

    Hi Dieter

    I fitted a Pertronix ignition system a couple of years back and all good until my cheap 6v coil failed taking the ignitor with it. I replaced the ignitor and fitted a 12v Flame Thrower coil and like you I feel the engine is stronger than before. The acceleration is instant and powerful and idles smoothly at 5K. I am a happy bunny.
    Cheers Mac


      Originally posted by macstag1 View Post
      ... idles smoothly at 5K....
      Cheers Mac
      5000 r.p.m. is quite a high idle speed

      If you can't say something nice, don't say it !


        Also a great fan of the pertronix and flame thrower setup. Much better pickup from idle and smoother throughout the rev range. (compared to a tired piranha p8 setup)

        Have found that my car runs slightly hotter after prolonged running at 3k rpm than it does at 3500rpm. Not dangerously so but still.

        Not the cheapest but so far more reliable and smoother. (compared to a cheapo offering)

        Also running LDPart 7mm HT leads, distributordoctor cap and rotor

        very happy with it.


        Stags and Range Rover Classics - I must be a loony


          I've done it again, mph instead of mpg and now 5k when of course I meant 500, still you knew what I meant Brew, there I go again always get by b & d .mixed up!
          on a more serious note, Stella Stag failed her MOT yesterday, front wheel bearings dangerously loose. Just goes to show the importance of having a independent safety test, I thought she would fly through, but missed that one.


            Hi Dieter, I’ve had a Petronix ignitor with a flamethrower coil for about 10 years, second best mod I’ve done to the Stag. Hope it gives you plenty of trouble free miles ( or Kilometers in your case)
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