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    Stag burble

    Why does the Stag engine sound so good, the burble is awesome.
    Is it because of the balance pipes connecting the exhaust?

    I could explain about the differences between 'Crossplane' and 'Flatplane' cranks but it is better answered if you google -
    why do v8 engines burble



      Of course when we are all driving around, or should I say being driven around, in electric cars then we will all want one of these


        Hi Sukhi
        Have a read at this from Neil (flying farmer)

        As someone who has designed and built several different exhaust manifolds and systems for the Stag engine, I would agree the burble would have to be designed in from the outset.
        All my systems have had the pipe lengths equalised as far as possible, and this totally alters the engine sound.
        I suspect the burble comes from having one downpipe pointing forwards, and the other backwards. This means there is an unequal length to the balance pipe in the middle of the car. This means that the exhaust pulses will not arrive evenly spaced, but I would suspect with two close together followed by a longer gap.
        The difference in the length of the down pipe is made up by sending the offside exhaust on a round trip past the differential, so both pipes are probably similar overall lengths.

        My Stag engine estate uses regular Stag tubulars and system as far back as the balance pipe, but equal length from there backwards. It doesn't have the full stag burble, but it does have a significant boom period around 2500rpm which is nice in small doses but does get annoying after a while if the journey involves spending a lot of time at these rpm.

        All my other Stag engine cars have both manifolds pointing backwards and equal length pipes from there on. Non of these sound remotely Stag like, and are very quiet despite running straight through silencer boxes, and there are no annoying boom periods either.

        Significantly my Rover V8 engine Toledo has virtually identical exhaust manifolds and system, and uses the same silencers too.

        The Rover V8 sounds totally different despite this, a sort of flat note compared to the more musical note of the Stag engine.

        All my cars use the straight though boxes that are a popular "upgrade" on the TR range of cars.

        I use them because they are cheap.

        People sell them as they have a horrible boom period between 2500 and 3000 rpm, just where you spend all your time driving. I got so pi**ed off with mine that I built a single system, but when I installed the Stag engine in the car it was the simplest way of providing silencing, and worked a treat. Now I have 5 cars with the same silencers.

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          I’ve read the stag and Holden are the only v8s with the same firing order and it’s this that give them their own special sound


            The reason was explained in a fairly recent SOC magazine.


              rover v8 burbles, my Range Rover 3.9 and 3.5 engines sound nice out of the single tailpipe.

              The 3.9 RR sounds the business on the motorway, in fact the noise settles me! I don't know if it is the base or the beat but I love driving it. I find it very calming

              BUT the stag V8!!!! Nothing I have ever heard sounds like a Triumph v8 at 5-6k rpm. little hairs stand up on my neck.

              I would use it more but I can "abuse" my Range rover daily and its 3.9 more easily. and savour that Triumph noise for high days

              here is an old Italian Choon Up

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              Stags and Range Rover Classics - I must be a loony


                When this topic came up recently, I never knew about flat plane Vs cross plane cranks and went off on a voyage of discovery.

                I think engine sound is one of those fascinating areas that applies to all engines. They're like children, you know what bits it'll have but until is starts to run around and talk, even as a designer, you wouldn't really know what the overall sound will be.

                I think the Volvo 5 cylinder engine has quite a specific tone too and then there's the harmonious sounds of a Merln engine that never fail to give me goosebumps.

                I wonder if upon first start up of a newly designed engine, how many designers think to themselves "So that's what it sounds like!"


                  I notice the firing order is different from the Rover V8 too.
                  i wonder if this makes a difference.


                    Originally posted by djtaylor View Post
                    ...and then there's the harmonious sounds of a Merln engine that never fail to give me goosebumps.
                    That used to only happen to German pilots...


                      It is all to do with replicating the harmonics of the engine which originally inspired the designers, ie chitty chitty bang bang.

                      Manufacturers design systems with particular aims in mind, the lady opposite has a John Cooper Mini and the startup sound and idle is identical to an original 1275 Cooper S.
                      Your wife is right, size matters. 3.9RV8


                        Were the startup sound and idle intentionally like 1275 Cooper S or was that just a coincidence?


                          Yes, the TRV8 does have a distinctive burble at low revs - a neighbour was out washing his Fiat 500 (new type!) when I started up the other day and he called over "sounds lovely".
                          Suspect my car might have straight through silencers, as any time I'm in the company of other Stags (shows etc) she sounds just that little bit louder. Not offensively so, but very pleasing to the ear.
                          However, I was in my (older!) BMW 328i the other day with the window down, and had occasion to use the kickdown....a nice straight six vrrroooom from it....maybe both Triumph and BMW engine/exhaust system designers had petrol running through their veins !
                          Enjoy the summer weather!
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                            Originally posted by alan_thomas View Post
                            Of course when we are all driving around, or should I say being driven around, in electric cars then we will all want one of these

                            Ha ha haa, nice one! Wonder how they sound? Imagine having that in a Hillman Imp.


                              The engine sounds on this video remind me how much I am now missing my Stag.
                              Please ignore the spelling mistake seen on one clip
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