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Idle speed on Stromberg Carbs increases - help how to fix please

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    Idle speed on Stromberg Carbs increases - help how to fix please

    My Stag recently suffered from an almost exponential rise in revs, and became hard to handle. And selecting the drive in automatic embarrassing. After being adjusted by a local specialist having done other works, the problem has reappeared. My car is a 1977 auto probably compliant with American market. It was suggested that the problem might be a small washer or something which was installed on all Stags in later years. Not sure where or what that is.
    Please can someone show me with photographs (preferably):
    1. Where the idling adjustment screw is for each carburettor
    2. Suggest what might be the cause of this need to constantly readjust the idling?
    3. How to fix the inherent cause?
    Being of limited mechanical ability photographs are much appreciated. Otherwise if you live close to the Bournemouth Poole conurbation, a visit would be welcomed with copious cups of tea or coffee and maybe something stronger after the tutorial!


    As nobody has replied to your thread I suspect they may be thinking like me. You say you have limited ability and whilst the Carbs are not complicated if you don't fully understand what your looking for and what to do you could end up in all sorts of bother. From what you say there is a good chance you have an air leak somewhere. Or it maybe a piston sticking in one of the carbs.

    Some basic checks are to check all the hoses are sealing correctly, it could also be the large O ring that makes the seal between the manifold and carb pedistal. (Can you twist the carbs left to right a little?) Is the seal on you oil filler cap intact.

    To correctly set the Idle you need to disconnect the link rods and use an air flow meter on each carb to synchronize them.

    There is a lot of information on here if you use the search function.

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      Not sure you got the curtesy of an acknowledgement fro your advice. I am new to working the forum and sometimes I think I have sent a reply only for it to vanish in the ether.
      I asked if the seal on the oil filler cap the one for the engine or the seals to the top of the pistons on the carburettors.
      One of the issues with the carbs was the throttle cable - now solved but being monitored. I think a full carb overhaul this winter is on the cards.
      Best wishes