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How do I fit hardtop?

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    How do I fit hardtop?

    So after three years of owning car, decided to fit Hard Top so I can move car and roof to new garaging.
    So questions.....
    1. The side clamps are about quarter of an inch too high to locate in their holes and therefore can't clamp roof in place
    2. The rear pin won't stay in the retaining hole - all fine with new soft top.
    Front clamps locate fine.
    Any tips?

    Also, the front chrome trim needs refitting as its never been on there, tried marrying this up to the top but can't see how to rivet it in place as there's no cleArance inside.
    So that's the second bit of help needed.

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    I've removed the rear pin on mine. You might find the side clamps locate better then.
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      According to the ROM, the rear fixing should be locked in first, then the B posts, then the screen top. (76.61.01)

      It's best to use all five fixings if you are planning to fit a roof rack or do some extensive motorway driving, the 'B' post fixings are not well secured to the body.

      Front trim is fitted with small plastic clips, available from the usual suspects. Not an easy or enjoyable job.
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        When I restored my hard top back in 2003 it wouldn't fit at first. I couldn't get the side fixings to sit down far enough. I used a ratchet strap attached to each subframe mounting and run over the roof. Tightened it and pulled the top down until the handles would turn. Had to do this for the first couple of pre-winter fittings, but eventually it would fit without once the seals had become formed to the right shape.
        1974 Mk2, Carmine, ZF 4HP22 Auto, 3.45 Diff, Datsun Driveshafts.


          All very helpful thanks,

          I'll report back if/when successful

          1973 Stag 1983 Porsche 944 2006 BMW R1200GS
          2008 Skoda Octavia VRS plus bicycles