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Steering Wheel Centralising.

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    Steering Wheel Centralising.

    Hi Guys,
    My steering wheel in off centre slightly, what's the easiest way to correct this? I guess the real question is, do I have to remove the track rod end to achieve this or can, after loosening the locking nut, the rod going into the power steering unit be turned to make the adjustment?

    My car never breaks down, it just occasionally fails to proceed.

    I'd question as to whether the steering is aligned in the first place. They *should* first fix the steering wheel central and then adjust both track rods such that the wheels move while the steering wheel doesn't. Some lazy folk just adjust one track rod thus throwing the steering wheel out of centre.

    If the steering is aligned (how do you know?), you could always just take the steering wheel off and move it around on the splines, you'd struggle with the rod going into the PSU as it's a splined shaft and I don't think there's slack to allow you to retract it enough to pull it off and turn it. I have recently changed my steering rack so have been down there, i'd do it at the steering wheel, or just go and get the wheels aligned and nag them to ensure the steering wheel is straight.


      . In my case I just removed the steering wheel and center that. The only problem is the indicators don't switch off automatically due to that cancelling thing on the steering shaft be off.

      Ive been told to center the rack with respect to the wheels. There is a grease plug at the bottom of the rack. Take that off, place a thin piece of wire , or think drill bolt, up it and there it should engage with the rack.

      Once you've located that, adjust the tie rods on the rack. then mess around with that intermediate u joint thingy that goes into the rack from the steering column As mentioned above, without loosening of the rack, there isn't enough room to remove the splines.

      Helps if you have two people.

      Hence remove the wheel and center it, and remember to cancel the indicators. This is a stop gap for my until I can get my 15 year to help.



        Pay for tracking to be done and insist on steering being centred so self cancelling clip in right place.

        Andy S