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Carburettor reconditioning

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    Carburettor reconditioning

    Iíve been told by a garage, where iíve had some work done, my carburettor needs reconditioning. Can a knowledgeable member please recommend a specialist company in the Maidenhead area and if possible give a rough idea of the cost.

    Many Thanks.

    Hello JimB

    Moved this into the main SOC forum as I think you are more likely to get responses. here

    what carbs? Strombergs?

    any idea what needs doing with them? most garages that I visit these days don't want to go near carbs and I ended up doing them myself. not rocket science and fairly easy to do.

    You can buy a recon set and exchange yours depending on what they are, but it is likely that they may still need baselining and then setting up properly
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      A couple of other Stag owners I know have had reconditions Stroms, with poor backup service, that they ended up re-refurbing themselves, so be wary of that route as the cost is not insignificant..



        Assuming they're the standard Stromberg carburettors, I've heard good things about these guys - They're based near Salisbury and might be worth talking to. Good luck.
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          Are you talking about Strombergs they are straight forward you just have to make sure you have good parts I did mine for about $100 in parts and that included buying the same part from different suppliers. I also have another set to do when I have time. Read up on them and decide plenty of advice here.


            I did mine myself last year; used the guide on buckeyetriumph's website and bought the repair kits from Burlen. The only thing I didn't replace was the jet as I believe this need specialist tools to fit

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