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  • Stimpy's Avatar
    22nd November 2017, 21:17
    Stimpy started a thread Electric nightmare in SOC Forum
    Calling all electric experts!! My internal courtesy light was having problems after I replaced the dash lighting with LEDs. Then I decided to...
    57 replies | 2234 view(s)
  • jojim65's Avatar
    16th November 2017, 19:13
    Hi! Just signed up a couple of day ago and thought it polite to say 'hello'. I'm currently the owner of a mint TR6 which I have sadly just put...
    42 replies | 2220 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    22nd November 2017, 23:10
    this stag on the bay says it has a factory fitted Rover V8........did they ever fit a Rover V8 at the Triumph factory? I've never heard of it, have...
    35 replies | 1796 view(s)
  • mole42's Avatar
    3rd December 2017, 15:30
    mole42 started a thread It's a Mustang! in SOC Forum
    Grrrr.... Twice in the past week, while driving my Stag along different suburban roads in Bristol, I have heard a child say "Look, Dad, a...
    35 replies | 1474 view(s)
  • f100stepside's Avatar
    5th December 2017, 20:36
    Hi,i remember reading a article about 'cars over 40 years old being MOT exempt'. Can someone post the article from the last Club Magazine, can't find...
    36 replies | 1405 view(s)
  • SteveD's Avatar
    8th December 2017, 19:24
    Having read the snippet about modifying the bonnet release mechanism on page 38 of the current issue of the club magazine I looked at Rimmers website...
    27 replies | 1014 view(s)
  • mole42's Avatar
    7th December 2017, 18:47
    Has anyone tried the new design hood catches selling on ebay?
    22 replies | 953 view(s)
  • PJ60's Avatar
    15th November 2017, 23:52
    PJ60 started a thread Rear springs in SOC Forum
    Hi, I've had the Stag for just over a year and I think/know it sits too low at the back - I often hear the mud flaps grounding. I've measured the...
    22 replies | 1028 view(s)
  • mike@thenook's Avatar
    23rd November 2017, 23:01
    These are both fraudulent and been reported: The fraudster also has a TR6 V8 and a TR4 both clearly fraudulent. Ebay......Wake up!
    21 replies | 1116 view(s)
  • Arbman Al's Avatar
    5th December 2017, 21:03
    Arbman Al started a thread Tonywhite spares in SOC Forum
    I have sent two or three private messages to Tony about parts needed, but never get a reply from him. Anyone else have trouble getting any...
    21 replies | 1093 view(s)
  • MandM's Avatar
    12th November 2017, 11:53
    MandM started a thread NEC Show 2017 in SOC Forum
    Anybody know if the White stag sold that was in the auction?, the green stag that was on the jag ss stand we see at Helmingham hall, it was £26K...
    16 replies | 1051 view(s)
  • Richard G's Avatar
    10th December 2017, 16:14
    Richard G started a thread Celeb Stag Owners in SOC Forum
    Interesting that yesterday on Radio 2 Zoe Ball mentioned that she owned a Triumph Stag. Said she loves the car but knows nothing about it! And I...
    18 replies | 740 view(s)
  • SteveD's Avatar
    24th November 2017, 20:04
    SteveD started a thread LED Bulbs in SOC Forum
    I hope to change most of my bulbs to LEDs. I've done the front side lights and rear number plate lights without problem. However the rear side/brake...
    19 replies | 628 view(s)
  • DavidW's Avatar
    1st December 2017, 12:56
    Hi Everyone Today - the day after I placed a large order with Rimmer Bros, I received an email from them saying "Thank you, here's a dicount code...
    14 replies | 925 view(s)
  • 72BLUE's Avatar
    15th November 2017, 16:18
    I am posting this on behalf of another Stag owner who is about to buy a complete new clutch kit. Are there any folks on here with experience of...
    17 replies | 533 view(s)
  • Karnevil's Avatar
    13th November 2017, 19:35
    Hello all. I have finally joined the club,after a while of following you on Facebook,at the NEC on Saturday. I am based in Shotton,North Wales...
    16 replies | 720 view(s)
  • 72BLUE's Avatar
    14th November 2017, 14:53
    The Full English Breakfast Run - The Bickerton Poacher - This Sunday 19th November Yet another Breakfast run................. All Welcome to...
    20 replies | 690 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    30th November 2017, 22:08
    I only seem to have check books and index of suffix marks,I have got some normal Glasses Guides up in the loft someware Anyway I thought I would...
    16 replies | 742 view(s)
  • Richard G's Avatar
    17th November 2017, 18:29
    Richard G started a thread Sideways move in SOC Forum
    I have to confess to buying another (classic?) car. Didn't plan to buy another car as I only have one garage which the Stag resides in. The...
    14 replies | 864 view(s)
  • Kingswood90's Avatar
    17th November 2017, 11:17
    I applied to DVLA to get the history of my car, and they turned down the request saying it didnít meet their criteria. I know that others have got...
    12 replies | 779 view(s)
  • Paul Kelley's Avatar
    2nd December 2017, 12:33
    Periodically one of my brake lights fails to come on. Tail lights are fine. The problem seems to be down to the Ďspadeí connectors as they respond...
    13 replies | 520 view(s)
  • Marco Polo's Avatar
    28th November 2017, 10:53
    Dear All, Here's a video from the Australian Defence Force about a Stag and its owner. This link was originally posted on the Australian based Stag...
    10 replies | 467 view(s)
  • Tdm's Avatar
    23rd November 2017, 16:29
    In another Thread I mentioned that I was having my Allycat Rallye Alloys refurbished and new tyres fitted as both are over 17 years old. The garage...
    11 replies | 602 view(s)
  • JeffW's Avatar
    14th November 2017, 14:02
    JeffW started a thread No heat in SOC Forum
    Hi All I have decided to keep mine on the road as much as possible over the winter as I have read so frequently on this forum not to let them sit,...
    9 replies | 403 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    5th December 2017, 19:52
    garyf started a thread SOC spares page in SOC Forum I know that you probably know about the SOC spares page but, I didnít lol I was just browsing through some old...
    10 replies | 547 view(s)
  • 1005hansjoachim's Avatar
    15th November 2017, 07:59
    Hi everybody I was going to put my Stag into his Winter sleep yesterday but I found the clutch pedal limp and not doing its job. I know I have a...
    9 replies | 346 view(s)
  • JeffW's Avatar
    7th December 2017, 11:08
    JeffW started a thread Long term storage in SOC Forum
    Hi all We are considering an overseas working assignment for an extended time period (5-10 years). In theory we could take our Stag with us as...
    11 replies | 455 view(s)
  • Mark Serj's Avatar
    29th November 2017, 13:43
    Mark Serj started a thread coolant crud in SOC Forum
    Hi all, As part of my rebuild, I am having the block re-bored so took the opportunity to give the coolant jacket a good scrape out with anything I...
    9 replies | 444 view(s)
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