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  • kryten's Avatar
    14th August 2017, 16:36
    As a parting shot, I thought I might give a view on diff backlash, and how you can fix it yourself subject to it being the reason... Excuse the...
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  • mole42's Avatar
    2nd August 2017, 13:12
    mole42 started a thread Stag on E10 fuel? in SOC Forum
    Has anyone found any problems with E10 specification fuel? I'm dipping my toes in France next month and probably will have to accept E10...
    40 replies | 1475 view(s)
  • jonfey's Avatar
    5th August 2017, 17:42
    jonfey started a thread Rear wheel steering ? in SOC Forum
    Okay, I exaggerate a little perhaps ! Very new to Stag ownership (Only a few weeks) and I went to see quite a few cars before deciding on the one...
    34 replies | 1077 view(s)
  • MandM's Avatar
    9th August 2017, 18:18
    MandM started a thread Kryten in SOC Forum
    Sorry to see you will be leaving. I would like to thank you for all the help and advise you have given me directly or indirectly (by reading...
    20 replies | 1586 view(s)
  • Kithmo's Avatar
    8th August 2017, 11:49
    I know, owners with problems tend to gravitate to forums and when a new or non-owner reads posts it can be quite daunting and maybe look like the...
    26 replies | 1087 view(s)
  • alpenmac's Avatar
    28th July 2017, 12:48
    alpenmac started a thread Subsequent to Fire! in SOC Forum
    Subsequent to the “Fire!” Thread previously posted, here is an update on the restoration process. After the Insurance go ahead, the engine and...
    27 replies | 1279 view(s)
  • Mark Serj's Avatar
    2nd August 2017, 12:44
    Hi all - does anyone know the weight of the crank by chance as I don't have anything suitable to weigh mine with for courier purposes. Thanks in...
    28 replies | 1154 view(s)
  • richard1705's Avatar
    11th August 2017, 16:21
    hi any ideas how much a bare metal job would cost these days I know it will be up or down as to extra panel work etc just roughly also any one...
    25 replies | 964 view(s)
  • Andy S's Avatar
    18th August 2017, 04:05
    Andy S started a thread Brake Dust in SOC Forum
    I'm in Florida at the moment and I've driven roughly 1400 miles and I checked the tire (it is the USA) pressures because the car told me I needed to...
    29 replies | 746 view(s)
  • mal fitz's Avatar
    10th August 2017, 18:31
    mal fitz started a thread DIF whining in SOC Forum
    Looking for good replacement original MK 2 auto dif, failing getting replacement can anyone recommend someone to recon? Assuming I need to change!...
    24 replies | 935 view(s)
  • Hettiherald's Avatar
    15th August 2017, 15:40
    Hettiherald started a thread Help! in SOC Forum
    Just removing my heads to do the head gaskets, no2 cyl tdc, anthe bolts holding the cam sproket are at 12 & 6 not 3& 9 as in the rom. Am i missing...
    20 replies | 1201 view(s)
  • georgestag1's Avatar
    7th August 2017, 16:02
    Hi Guys, Today I fitted abrand new Accu spark electronic ignition system to my MK2 auto Stag. Started the engine, fired first time, ran till up to...
    23 replies | 997 view(s)
  • jbuckl's Avatar
    14th August 2017, 22:51
    jbuckl started a thread water pump cage in SOC Forum
    Hi All, Pulled a water pump tonight.....cage was left in. Never had one that really resisted a slide hammer before, but this one has. Is cutting...
    25 replies | 884 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    26th July 2017, 07:20
    garyf started a thread Led instrument lamps in SOC Forum
    I rellaced the dim lamps in the dash for led ones with crap results Has anyone else had this problem
    22 replies | 1018 view(s)
  • Mark Serj's Avatar
    10th August 2017, 15:46
    Hi all, On jacking a rear wheel up, I can rotate it to a small extent without the propshaft turning. Impossible to measure the radial movement,...
    27 replies | 815 view(s)
  • Kithmo's Avatar
    27th July 2017, 21:35
    Seeing as the hard top is heavy and I wouldn't be able to get any help putting it on and off, I'm thinking of buying a Stag without a hard top and as...
    19 replies | 853 view(s)
  • markmark2's Avatar
    12th August 2017, 18:30
    markmark2 started a thread Starter clicking in SOC Forum
    Hi all, I know there must be loads of threads regarding this subject but this seems a little bit different. Starter occasionally clicks and then...
    22 replies | 598 view(s)
  • Paul Kelley's Avatar
    3rd August 2017, 20:35
    I have just 'laid' an old fitted carpet in my garage and it fits rather well. But just as I thought what a good idea, I then had second thoughts. ...
    16 replies | 649 view(s)
  • Mark Serj's Avatar
    29th July 2017, 18:48
    Hi all I am inspecting the heads removed from a motor that was running OK albeit smoky. The heads show a max .0025" gap between center bores...
    19 replies | 938 view(s)
  • Andrew S's Avatar
    8th August 2017, 08:15
    Andrew S started a thread Breather? in SOC Forum
    Am I correct that if you remove the oil cap whilst the engine is idling, the engine note should change? It does on mine but not on another friends...
    20 replies | 822 view(s)
  • trunt's Avatar
    15th August 2017, 03:24
    Just assembling my engine and inserting the pistons is a bear. The clearance at the skirts are so very tight that its a real fiddle getting them...
    19 replies | 660 view(s)
  • PimentoRed's Avatar
    16th August 2017, 17:17
    Hello everyone. I will start by saying i'm no mechanic or engineer and i struggle with a multi meter so please be very specific if you can help in...
    19 replies | 581 view(s)
  • saintstag's Avatar
    8th August 2017, 21:22
    saintstag started a thread Which head gasket? in SOC Forum
    Hi all, I have been having problems with water loss. Have recently replaced the inlet manifold gasket but this has made no difference at all. The car...
    14 replies | 645 view(s)
  • Lagnakeil's Avatar
    13th August 2017, 21:07
    Hello I spoke to a fellow Stag owner at a show today who mentioned that there was someone offering replacement rebuilt shells in exchange for yours....
    15 replies | 702 view(s)
  • nigele's Avatar
    22nd July 2017, 20:15
    nigele started a thread Rear brake problems in SOC Forum
    Whilst doing about 55 mph today I heard and felt a couple of loud bangs that sounded like something major had failed. I stopped and couldn't see...
    16 replies | 706 view(s)
  • Robin Searle's Avatar
    14th August 2017, 15:04
    Yesterday was not a good Stag day, as my new 12 months ago half shaft U joint "exploded" with the pictured results. The first thoughts in my head was...
    12 replies | 735 view(s)
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