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  • kryten's Avatar
    29th September 2017, 15:51
    Many of us have changed to alternative wheels - I, like many many others have opted for Minilite style, but there are myriad different ones available...
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  • Paul Kelley's Avatar
    19th October 2017, 16:37
    Here's a though-provoking and rather long-winded piece of research: In...
    49 replies | 1325 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    3rd October 2017, 17:29
    Sorry if this has been asked before I have searched the forum but canít find a answer How do you use the overdrive on a stag without damaging...
    45 replies | 1339 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    23rd September 2017, 12:54
    the original engine that my Stag left the factory with was LF11547-HE the original engine was replaced many many years ago with a Triumph 2500...
    37 replies | 1850 view(s)
  • mike@thenook's Avatar
    15th October 2017, 22:17
    I bought a set from TH some years back, well worth fitting as they give a good improvement on performance in my opinion. the part numbers are ...
    40 replies | 1814 view(s)
  • DJT's Avatar
    9th October 2017, 16:12
    Says it all really. His account has been turned off. If you want to tap into his vast knowledge of Stag maintenance and repairs you will have to do...
    27 replies | 1639 view(s)
  • garyf's Avatar
    25th September 2017, 17:45
    garyf started a thread some friend... in SOC Forum
    he only owned this stag for 24 hours and his mate drove it into a tree :mad: ...
    28 replies | 1416 view(s)
  • fatbelly's Avatar
    4th October 2017, 11:19
    fatbelly started a thread Soft top automation in SOC Forum
    Does anyone know if there has ever been investigated the automation of raising and lowering the soft top? The reason I ask is that I am now ...
    28 replies | 1154 view(s)
  • jonfey's Avatar
    2nd October 2017, 16:13
    jonfey started a thread Timing chains. in SOC Forum
    Hello. My car is coming up to 31000 miles. It was suggested that a timing chain renewal might be due. The chap who pointed this out to me...
    25 replies | 1439 view(s)
  • dasadrew's Avatar
    26th September 2017, 06:42
    Finished at last (well, as far as a Stag can ever be 'finished' !)
    29 replies | 995 view(s)
  • HersnotHis's Avatar
    22nd September 2017, 20:24
    Hi Having abandoned an "all 4" headlight upgrade last year due to some confusion on my part and proposed circuits having errors, I have decided...
    31 replies | 1051 view(s)
  • JeffW's Avatar
    24th September 2017, 18:21
    Hi all Many informative posts on this subject so thanks again for all that advice. This forum has been invaluable to me during my short ownership...
    28 replies | 1146 view(s)
  • JJBear's Avatar
    24th September 2017, 17:25
    JJBear started a thread Slow Tickover in SOC Forum
    Hi all, as a new owner please accept my apologies if this has been covered before. When I picked the car up I drove it home for around 2 and half...
    25 replies | 1189 view(s)
  • MandM's Avatar
    25th September 2017, 21:46
    Purchased the yellow goddess 6 yrs ago to-day, had a lot enjoyment from her made at lot of friends over that period, looking forward to the next 6...
    24 replies | 866 view(s)
  • Klaus Schlueter's Avatar
    7th October 2017, 15:03
    Recently we had long lists in the forum concerning Stag modifications. A lot of the mentioned mods have been incorporated in my Stag over the last 25...
    25 replies | 1134 view(s)
  • 1005hansjoachim's Avatar
    18th October 2017, 07:24
    Morning chaps I have read all the articles on the subject, even posted myself on them, but I am at the end of my tether and need a new view. For...
    24 replies | 606 view(s)
  • mole42's Avatar
    13th October 2017, 17:52
    I have a new 60A alternator in the original position with a new belt. Sometimes when I drive away it squeals, especially if the headlights or fan are...
    23 replies | 688 view(s)
  • Andrew S's Avatar
    3rd October 2017, 21:06
    Andrew S started a thread Washer fluid in SOC Forum
    I have tried so many washer fluids, Halfords lemon and cherry and until now have used Carplan blue concentrate but after a month or so, the water...
    22 replies | 673 view(s)
  • Dave M's Avatar
    7th October 2017, 09:42
    Dave M started a thread TR6 Spoiler in SOC Forum
    Has anyone got any close up pics of the TR6 spoiler fitted to a Stag please. I need to repaint my front valance this Winter as there's a small rust...
    21 replies | 762 view(s)
  • Tdm's Avatar
    27th September 2017, 18:24
    Tdm started a thread Ode to the Triumph Stag in SOC Forum
    With time on my hands waiting for my Stag to come back from the Garage, I decided to make an attempt to put into words an “Ode to the Stag” just 10...
    22 replies | 660 view(s)
  • samp5679's Avatar
    9th October 2017, 20:39
    samp5679 started a thread Carb Problems Again in SOC Forum
    Evening Chaps Having some more issues with my strombergs. basically the left hand bank is sticking open when gas/Revs are applied. I have changed...
    17 replies | 889 view(s)
  • kryten's Avatar
    6th October 2017, 17:31
    kryten started a thread Driveshafts in SOC Forum
    Possibly the last piece of perceived wisdom from me before the big forum switch is pulled on me is about the standard driveshaft and those awful...
    18 replies | 620 view(s)
  • JeffW's Avatar
    2nd October 2017, 09:31
    Hi all In my continuing attempts to keep the parts suppliers in profit, I over-tightened my radiator neck filler plug and promptly fractured the...
    18 replies | 597 view(s)
  • Tim Proctor's Avatar
    30th September 2017, 07:57
    We ordered a recon diff, and when it arrived, I was concerned to find that, on turning the output shafts, I could feel the teeth grating on each...
    16 replies | 985 view(s)
  • Carboy0's Avatar
    2nd October 2017, 13:20
    I better start by saying that on a standard TV8 Stag, I think that the ‘Standard’ (sic) manual gearbox, with or without overdrive is fine and works...
    16 replies | 768 view(s)
  • stag36587's Avatar
    12th October 2017, 12:50
    stag36587 started a thread Battery clamp in SOC Forum
    Hi guys My Stag has never had a battery clamp fitted in my ownership. I've bought one but am unsure how to fit it. Please could someone tell me...
    16 replies | 571 view(s)
  • alan_thomas's Avatar
    25th September 2017, 16:04
    Wondering if others have the same problem or have a solution. The Selector gate bezel is so far above the selector lever, see yellow arrow in pic...
    18 replies | 526 view(s)
  • stag36587's Avatar
    25th September 2017, 19:54
    stag36587 started a thread Radio installation in SOC Forum
    Forgive a stupid question, it's been a long day. I'm also a bit late on this one having owned my stag for over 20 years! I'm planning to fit a...
    15 replies | 831 view(s)
  • macstag1's Avatar
    7th October 2017, 08:02
    Hi Guys I popped into Halfords for a couple of cans of Rover White spray paint to find it and many other colours missing from the racks. I asked an...
    15 replies | 729 view(s)
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