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  • Jeff's Avatar
    20th June 2017, 15:35
    I do not have a problem with overheating but the amount of hot air that escapes through my bonnet louvres without popping the bonnet, I am so glad I...
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  • 4x4's Avatar
    11th June 2017, 20:30
    4x4 started a thread Tyre choices? in SOC Forum
    Looking for a new set of boots. I would like to go with the "proper" 185/14's ideally - but these seems scarce - and distinctly pricey. I know...
    27 replies | 1157 view(s)
  • 022Dave's Avatar
    29th May 2017, 19:03
    For a while now I've had an annoying drip of coolant onto the garage floor, and over recent months, I've changed all of the hoses. Today, after no...
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  • Paul Kelley's Avatar
    5th June 2017, 18:11
    What a PITA this is as a ‘routine’ job! You of course have to remove the power steering pump and slip off its belt, and one of the three bolts is...
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  • HersnotHis's Avatar
    17th June 2017, 22:12
    Hi Tomorrow we are intending to attend a fathers day classic car event some 35 miles from here. Firstly as in other parts of the country it...
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  • mike@thenook's Avatar
    20th June 2017, 19:15
    So today I had another look at this rumble problem; I removed both rear wheels and supported the rear on jacks under the suspension arms so to...
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  • MandM's Avatar
    3rd June 2017, 10:52
    MandM started a thread June's mag front cover in SOC Forum
    Good picture on the front cover of June's mag:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::o The Sunshine Stag
    24 replies | 1095 view(s)
  • Robmsharp's Avatar
    14th June 2017, 13:25
    In a bid to trace a water leak in the Vee I think I've traced it to a water pump gasket leak so it looks like it needs replacing. My dilemma is...
    24 replies | 1040 view(s)
  • shuckie's Avatar
    1st June 2017, 16:17
    Just fitted a new Weber Carb system which seems to be a lot better even though the strombergs weren't too bad. I have got the stombergs complete...
    21 replies | 1026 view(s)
  • Andy S's Avatar
    12th June 2017, 14:58
    Andy S started a thread Shock Absorbers in SOC Forum
    I recently had the garage break a rear shock absorber (an additional service provided at no extra cost) and so I quickly ordered some new ones from...
    20 replies | 953 view(s)
  • MandM's Avatar
    15th June 2017, 21:09
    MandM started a thread Mystery object in SOC Forum
    Hi guys anybody know what this is? , it's by the column , under the dash Thanks in advance:cool: The yellow team
    19 replies | 662 view(s)
  • new to this's Avatar
    18th June 2017, 22:00
    new to this started a thread Car running hot in SOC Forum
    Been out today in my brothers car,the temp gauge got to just before the red,stayed there,checked for leaks none found,radiator is okay full fan blade...
    19 replies | 857 view(s)
  • Jeff's Avatar
    17th June 2017, 08:06
    Jeff started a thread Insurance renewal. in SOC Forum
    Last year with RH £99.92, this year £106.29 so not too bad.
    19 replies | 526 view(s)
  • Rackned's Avatar
    13th June 2017, 20:57
    I spent Sunday going over the car looking for leaks, signs of where the coolent water is going when left for a few days.( about a litre max) the car...
    18 replies | 673 view(s)
  • Jeff's Avatar
    11th June 2017, 07:36
    Jeff started a thread Fire extinguisher. in SOC Forum
    A short while ago we were discussing suitable extinguishers. In a bar in Cyprus, they have these mounted on the ceiling all over the restaurant. ...
    16 replies | 725 view(s)
  • markmark2's Avatar
    18th June 2017, 22:42
    markmark2 started a thread Advice please in SOC Forum
    System not pressurising. I have had water pump leaks in the past. I pressure tested the overflow bottle to 20lbs with tyre pump. Holds pressure. I...
    19 replies | 811 view(s)
  • SGN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:21
    SGN started a thread Rear wheel position in SOC Forum
    Since changing the trailing arm bushes, and diff extension seal, (Diff not removed to change the seal) I now have my near side rear wheel sitting 1"...
    20 replies | 399 view(s)
  • Nambo's Avatar
    7th June 2017, 21:20
    I like the sound of my vehicle and wish to turn the volume up slightly. I already have Monarchs tubular manifold fitted, I saw Tony Hart selling...
    15 replies | 677 view(s)
  • Donkey's Avatar
    4th June 2017, 21:45
    Can anyone tell me what I should expect as a safe operating coolant temp? Looking in the WM it states 180 degrees F or 190 degrees F according to...
    14 replies | 658 view(s)
  • vivacetenore's Avatar
    4th June 2017, 18:36
    I wanted a modern radio in my Stag but retain the original look with an old radio. The perfect place to hide a modern one is the glovebox. I do not...
    17 replies | 701 view(s)
  • Nigel W's Avatar
    30th May 2017, 16:18
    My car is a late 76 build, 77 model year car. There are 2 things I know of which make it a 77 model, its Tahiti Blue, and it has the filled in...
    14 replies | 737 view(s)
  • Markvsandford's Avatar
    19th June 2017, 14:51
    Hi All Was checking around the car, and found some rust under the front passenger side wheel arch. Removed the sill cover, and found some rust....
    16 replies | 620 view(s)
  • vmaxnick's Avatar
    7th June 2017, 18:45
    Hi Folks I bought a plate years ago when I was planning to buy a friends Stag. It didn't happen, and I used the plate on a car I owned to save...
    13 replies | 909 view(s)
  • samp5679's Avatar
    5th June 2017, 15:57
    Couple of weeks ago I viewed a TVR powered stag SAXPLAYER stag I think, unfortunately the bodywork was too far gone but the power and sound was...
    11 replies | 1059 view(s)
  • SAP's Avatar
    2nd June 2017, 11:51
    SAP started a thread Stag Heads / Engine in SOC Forum
    hopefully ive attached the pics - stag went in for service and found it needed two spark plugs to be heli-coiled ? so it was decided to take the...
    13 replies | 834 view(s)
  • markmark2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:49
    markmark2 started a thread Emisions in SOC Forum
    Hi all, car passed MOT today with no issues. Got the emissions checked although its not a requirement on a 74. I know its running a bit lean. Could...
    17 replies | 422 view(s)
  • shuckie's Avatar
    1st June 2017, 16:24
    Got 1972 Mk 1/2 auto with 35 box which doesn't work too well and does the usual throwing all the fluid out usually just after you have topped it up...
    13 replies | 720 view(s)
  • 72BLUE's Avatar
    1st June 2017, 13:25
    A few of us Cheshire/Shropshire guys are heading out to Sleap Aerodrome on Sunday 4th June for breakfast. Destination: Shropshire Aero Club Ltd...
    16 replies | 612 view(s)
  • Tdm's Avatar
    29th May 2017, 11:02
    The only free parking spot available today in our complex - next to a skip full of rubbish. Whatever it was that they have just demolished, I hope...
    14 replies | 536 view(s)
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