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Water Pump housing

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    Water Pump housing

    I have rebuilt my water pump and upon reinstalling it I have noticed that the housing cover is fitting up to the block with no clearance. Even before I finger tight the 3 bolts the housing fits flush to the block. This doesn't seem correct.

    Could the pump be too low in the block?

    Any suggestions on how to proceed. My inclination is to install it with the thinnest of the three gaskets and hope for the best.

    I'm a bit stumped...

    -Michael Fatsi
    Virginia, USA

    My first thought would be to put a bit modelling clay (or chewing gum) on the top of the bolt and on the top of the pump vanes. Press down on the cover and see by how much the bolt and vanes are clearing the cover.
    If it is a small enough gap it will not be a problem.

    TV8, efi, fast road cams and home built manifolds. 246bhp 220lbft torque